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Pik Dökümcüler Sanayi Sitesi A6 Blok No:5
34670 Ikitelli / Istanbul - Türkey
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About Us

Founded in 1974 under the name of KOÇ KUMLAMA, our company has established its first surface blasting system as a subcontractor in Turkey and has contributed to the industry by meeting the demands of the market for many years.

KOÇ KUMLAMA, which consistently improved itself in surface processing in the following years, has kept up with the developing technologies with vibrators and deburring, polishing and drying of abrasive materials used in these machines as of 1993.

Renamed KAYAKOÇVİB in 19…, the company strengthened its quality and structure that prioritizes R&D and continued its production according to the demands of customers by making all necessary preparations to keep pace with the developing and changing market conditions.

KAYAKOÇVIB, which made its first export to Germany in 1997, proved its quality in European market. Receiving orders from France, United States, Canada and the Middle East countries in the following years; our company continues production and sales with its own capital.

The target of KAYAKOÇVIB is to continue production in European standards with the aim of continuous and high quality service.